About Our Decals



LOST HIGHWAY ART CO. is the online source for original vintage souvenir travel decals.

Our site shows MORE THAN 350 DIFFERENT vintage decals currently available, from EVERY STATE in the USA. All in mint condition with their ORIGINAL PACKAGING intact! They are priced mostly from $3.00 to $7.00, with the majority being around $5.00, postpaid by First Class mail.

Souvenir travel decals are a part of America's automotive vacation and touring history. They were made and sold by the untold millions during the Golden Age of highway travel--1945-1970. Today, they have virtually disappeared...EXCEPT HERE!!! at Lost Highway Art Co., where we offer the largest available selection of vintage water-dip travel decals from locations around the country. All old, all original, and all available to you to start or build your collection or embellish your vintage highway cruiser or family hauler!!

After years of rummaging around dusty warehouses and cutting, pasting copying and mailing out our paper catalogs, losthighwayart.com is finally HERE!!

Questions? Comments? Decals to sell or trade? Email Lost Highway Art Co. at